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Hello Martin, Laura and Team RuneScape!


The Sequence Group—a creative studio with offices in Vancouver and Melbourne—specializes in design, animation and visual effects. Our talented team of directors, artists, designers and animators excel in creating dynamic worlds that engage audiences and clients alike.


Sequence is proud to offer full creative solutions from concept to completion with a strong emphasis on design, direction and production. Although a boutique studio by choice, Sequence has developed a dependable depth of talent and is thus flexible enough to scale on demand.


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Motion Comic History


As pioneers of the medium, we've taken the motion comic from simple 2D movement(s) to a level of sophistication that is respected across the board. Over the span of several long-running productions, we've honed our ability to mold and manipulate artwork while keeping the essence of said artwork intact.


View our motion comic reel below:


Concept/Production Artwork


Sequence creates stunning concept and production art and illustration for games, film and a variety of other media. With a diverse team of talented artists, Sequence is able to execute a wide variety of styles—cel shaded, painterly, photoreal (for matte paintings)—nothing is out of reach.


Thank You!


Thanks very much for taking the time to peruse this page; hopefully we’ve provided some insight as to the work we do and the work we’d like to do in the future. If there’s anything else you’d like to know about The Sequence Group, please drop us a line. Thanks again!