Hi Lululemon,


We feel the clearest way to explain the technical details of a performance jacket is through animation.  

One of the most important aspects to a high end waterproof jacket is breathability. On top of the 360 jacket rotations we could potentially show exactly how the process happens on a micro level - where air can get out - but water drops can't get in.  Sealed seams and waterproof while allowing heat to escape.

It’s imperative we hold the animation to the established aesthetic of Lululemon.  Showcasing the natural elements around us with split screens and comparisons to the jacket elements that Lululemon has one of the most advanced jackets out there.

Why Sequence?

We're a local Vancouver company with a passion for outdoor activities - hiking, mountain biking and outdoor activities that require technical apparel.  We’re an animation studio with a strong design aesthetic where we can not only help produce the jacket 360’s but also ensure it fits the Lululemon brand.


View our studio reel below:

Relevant Examples of our work

As we have a wide variety of styles and approaches to design, vfx and animation, here is a small selection of our work. For a more general overview of our work, please visit our portfolio here.

Additional Approach

One approach that could work well is finding nature's elements that compare and contrast the actual technical aspects of the jackets.  

For example:

Additional quality bar and lighting reference:


Who We Are


Over the past ten years Sequence has fostered a creative atmosphere, utilizing a dramatic blend of art and technology.  

At its core, Sequence is comprised of a handful of creative individuals with a multitude of talents. We are directors, artists, animators and editors, but above all else, we are problem solvers. 



Dan Sioui


Ian Kirby


Clients include (but are not limited to) 20th Century Fox, 343 Industries, ABC, Animal Planet, Capcom, Cartoon Network, Concord Pacific, Discovery Channel, Disney, Electronic Arts, Food Network, History Channel, MTV, NBC, Sega, Shaw, Sony/Santa Monica Studio, The Hub, Ubisoft and Warner Bros.


Thank You!


If there’s anything else you’d like to know about The Sequence Group, or are interested in collaborating with us, please drop us a line. Thanks!