Sequence Featured in ImagineFX!

We're thrilled to have been featured in the excellent ImagineFX!

We met with the team to discuss the history, work and culture at Sequence. You can read an excerpt from the article below, and buy the full issue here!

Based in Vancouver, The Sequence Group has been creating concept and production art and illustration for games, films and other media since 2003. Working with the likes of Marvel and Halo, the company has won a string of awards and recently opened a second studio, in Melbourne.

However, still not everyone realises it’s a full-service studio, says founder Ian Kirby. “People often think we only worked on smaller aspects of projects ,” he says. “But we almost always handle everything top to bottom, from concept art to storyboards to full CG.”

And that means The Sequence Group team needs to be super-flexible. “Typically, our artists are very fluid with jumping between styles when necessary,” explains art director Andrew West, who joined the company in 2006. “Cel shaded, painterly, photoreal… we have such a variety of different gigs coming through our doors.”

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