After Effects Scripts for Fun and Profit

Hello, my name is Mark and I am a designer and animator at Sequence. Here are some After Effects scripts I figuratively could not live without.

Additionally, I have decided to represent each script with a dog photo.


pt_AutoExpress is great for quick expression-based wiggles, smooths and loops. It writes the code for you! Cause you ain’t no computer, the computer’s the computer! You’re the “artist”!


Changing a comp’s size, aspect ratio, duration, frame rate—whatever—is a bummer when you’ve gotta change everything nested within. So don’t do that (manually [dumb]), use rd_CompSetter (automatic [smart]).


“When you copy a mask from one layer to another it often changes its position. With CopyMask2Layer you can copy masks while keeping them perfectly in place.” I have no idea why AE does this, but thank goodness for CopyMask2Layer.

Ease and Wizz

Expression-based easing with a click. Really snappy, really fast. Make it ease. Make it whiz. Make it yours! Link here


“Have you ever wondered how to connect objects with lines in After Effects?” I sure have! Link here


MatchRate is an After Effects script for extending a layer property’s animation at the same rate.” Super handy for stretching out animations (use in tandem with rd_CompSetter for maximum fun!)


Reposition your anchor points while keeping everything pixel perfect. None of that “Pan behind/get it roughly where you want” crap. Link here


“Shifts or staggers selected layers.” Not sure what else to say about this one. It’s really handy. I couldn't find a doggy pic for this one—if anyone has one, let me know—link here

True Comp Duplicator

True Comp Duplicator duplicates a whole dang comp—all the files, nested comps—everything! Duplicate the world!

And that's it! Enjoy!