Hello The Age of AI team!


Thank you for the opportunity to pitch on the upcoming online series. The AI subject matter is extremely interesting to our team and we’d love an opportunity to help tell these stories.

We are The Sequence Group — a creative studio with offices in Vancouver and Melbourne — specializing in design, animation and visual effects for the gaming industry. Our talented team of directors, artists, designers and animators excel in creating dynamic worlds that engage audiences and clients alike.


Sequence is proud to offer full creative solutions from concept to completion with a strong emphasis on design, direction and production. Although a boutique studio by choice, Sequence has developed a dependable depth of talent and is thus flexible enough to scale on demand.


View our Studio reel below:

Custom Style Frames based on SETI rough cut

Who We Are


Over the past ten years Sequence has fostered a creative atmosphere, utilizing a dramatic blend of art and technology.  

At its core, Sequence is comprised of a handful of creative individuals with a multitude of talents. We are directors, artists, animators and editors, but above all else, we are problem solvers. 



Dan Sioui


Ian Kirby


Clients include (but are not limited to) 343 Industries, Sony/Santa Monica Studio, ABC, Capcom, Annapurna InteractiveCartoon NetworkDiscovery Channel, Relic EntertainmentDisney Interactive, Electronic Arts, MTV, NBC, Sega, Ubisoft and Warner Bros.


Relevant Samples of Sequence Work

 For a more general overview of our work, please visit our complete portfolio here.

Thank you!


If there’s anything else you’d like to know about The Sequence Group, or are interested in collaborating with us, please drop us a line. Thanks!